#2015/09 Useful links

Hi, guys! Today I proudly present you an updated version of Useful links. I have decided to make it a monthly digest, so each month I will gather what’s the best out there and share it with you 😉

This one is dedicated to September and I really hope you will enjoy it!

September 2015 digest


Approaches for multiplatform UI design adaptation

Using Psychology to Craft User Experiences

Android Design for Developers

How to Create the Perfect Icon for Your App


Five PR tips indies really need

How a Small Development Team Can Beat a Big Team

Can crunch ever be fixed in the games industry?

Game Performance: Data-Oriented Programming

Gentle introduction to shaders


Sky iTunes Android

Bitter Sam iTunes Android


The single best way to find time for blogging every day

10 minute writing workouts to improve your creativity, clarity, and storytelling skills


a-ha – Cast in Steel

Bob Moses – Days Gone By


Indie Game: The Movie

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